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Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Songwriting

The youngest member in the group, Kathleen is the most laid back and free spirited. Her light heartedness and naïveté keep the group laughing. Although the youngest she is a soulful singer and expressive songwriter.

Birthday: November 11

Foods: Italian, sushi, cherry blasters
Books: "The Secret Garden" - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Movies: Fly Away Home, The Blues Brothers
Songs: "Red Dirt Girl" -Emmylou Harris   "Last Call" -Lee Anne Womack
  "Rockets" -Marc Jordan
  "Oh Atlanta" -Alison Krauss and Union Station (Live CD)
  "You May See Me" -Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  "I Cried For You" -Katie Melua
Sports to Play: Tennis
Sports to Watch:Golf
Colours: purple, olive green and sometimes mustard
Hobbies: Singing in my room, songwriting, playing tennis, being outside when it's raining, eating dessert with my dear friends, hanging out with animals, spending time at my Grandparents in Abbotsford and feeding injured birds. :)
Quote: "Begin with the end in mind." Steven R. Covey

In Eileen's words:
"Kathleen is very different from John and me; she is a lot more laid back, and "chills us out". :) She has a child-likeness to her that is very endearing. She is sooo talented at songwriting, and always has a new song to show us. Her ideas just flow out, and she never misses a chance to capture an emotion and put it in a song. She is also extremely talented in the studio; she has an impeccable ear and endless creative ideas. A very good listener, Kathleen usually focuses on other people, and authentically cares about others. I always go to her when I want to talk... She is my best friend, and I love her so much!"

In John's words:
"Kathleen and I share a great musical passion for the details, the tones and colors, the parts of the music. Her background in pro audio production enables her to hear things many people don't. Working in studio with her is quite an experience. She has a lot of stamina and
can spend hours with her eyes closed just listening to the mix. She's great fun on stage and on the road and is a fantastic lead singer."


Dreamers Like Us