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Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Songwriting

The oldest in the family, John seems able to play every instrument he picks up. His passion for music, ability to arrange harmony, and growing guitar prowess are highlights of the band.

Birthday: June 4

Foods: anything ready in 5 minutes or less, sushi
Books: Do magazines and ebooks count? I like reading about the music
Movies: Music movies! Last Waltz, Walk The Line, Sound of Music...plus
anything sci fi, fantasy.
Songs: It's too hard to pick one, so all I wil say is that my favorite
song on OUR record is "I Ride Alone". And the next one I'm writing.
Sports to Play: I take my pool very seriously.
Sports to Watch: H O C K E Y!
Colours: Canucks Blue. Canucks Green.
Hobbies: Playing guitar, recording at my home studio, songwriting, anything relaxing
that is music related.
Quote: "In nature, there are no rewards or punishments. Only

In Kathleen's words:
"John is very talented in a lot of areas. I would say his brain is like a nascar engine. 'Zoom zoom' should be his modo. When it comes to gear or anything to do with engineering, he gets right into it and is passionate about solving equations. His voice is kind of like the glue in our trio. You can always hear the velvet he brings to the sound. His wife and his guitar are the two loves of his life. :) "

In Eileen's words:
"John is a fireball of talent, passion and energy. He is extremely gifted. Musically, but also intellectually, he is just brimming with ideas all the time. He always has some new random fact or piece of trivia to tell us. I love how he gets so into the music when we are performing onstage, and always wants to give it 150%. Besides the music, John is an avid reader, and "gets" things really quickly. He is very honest, and is open enough that you can have very deep and meaningful conversations with him. He is an awesome band-mate and older brother. :)"


Dreamers Like Us